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Integrative Medicine Consultation

Building upon his strong foundation in Internal Medicine, Dr. Zaklin partners with his patients to develop an understanding of the relationship between Body, Mind, and Spirit, helping them optimize their own authenticity. He utilizes Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Cannabis Therapeutics, Nutrition and Functional Medicine within his practice. His approach may include referrals within his network of physicians within the local community and Partners Network, as well as Integrative practitioners specializing in Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Behavioral Therapy, and Energy Medicine.

Dr. Zaklin helps his patients identify and move beyond what is preventing them from getting back to their true nature and enjoying their journey...

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Dr. Zaklin helps his patients identify and move beyond what is preventing them from getting back to their true nature and enjoying their journey. Often this involves understanding where “roadblocks” on one’s path are impeding flow in one's life. Dr. Zaklin assists his patients in identifying these roadblocks and developing a program and plan for moving past them.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection...

You know your body. You know your nose, your hands, your feet; your left from your right! You know what foods don't agree with you. You know how much sleep you need. Likewise, most people know at least a bit about their mind. You know how much you may or may not be able to comprehend and retain. You know your attention span. You know what makes you angry, and what makes you happy.

What most people are not as attuned to is their spirit. Most may feel and sense it through love. However, you may not understand how it manifests; how it uses your body and mind to communicate what it wants; and how it can guide you towards an authentic alignment and actualization of self.

World renowned guru and spiritual leader, Swami Satchidananda offered some useful advice. He stated “The goal and the birthright of all individuals is to realize the spiritual unity behind the diversity throughout creation and to live harmoniously as members of one universal family”. He further stated, “Why do you want a clean body, good vitality, and a peaceful mind? To be useful to people. So the aim behind Yoga is to keep yourself easeful physically, to keep yourself peaceful mentally, and then to become useful socially. Easeful, peaceful, and useful. Those are the three words I use to define a yogic life.”

While the practice and principles of Yoga offer user-friendly tools for self actualization and balance of mind-body-spirit and community, there are many paths leading to the same place. Dr. Zaklin works closely with his patients to determine the path that best suits them. He helps his patients take inventory of each aspect of their lives and identify the roadblocks preventing them from moving forward and enjoying their journey...